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Our free-of-charge offer for you:

Water aerobics in the thermal spring

Work out and relax in the thermal spring – our team of professionals will tailor a varied water aerobics programme for you.   We offer strength and coordination exercises and due to the buoyancy of the water the effect on joints, sinews and back are more gentle. In addition, water aerobics strengthen the back, the musculature, as well as the cardiovascular system.

Schedule Changes for Water Aerobics

For organisational reasons, it can be that individual classes of water aerobics will not be offered.
Please call us in order to find out the updated changes Tel.: 02641 911760

Übersicht Wassergymnastik

Uhrzeit Montag Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag Samstag
09:30 Aqua Vario Aqua Vario Aqua Vario Aqua Vario Aqua Vario (Baby) 9:15
10:00 Aqua Zirkel/Relax Aqua Zirkel/Relax Aqua Zirkel/Relax Aqua Zirkel/Relax Aqua Zirkel/Relax (Baby) 10:00
10:30 Aqua Gym Aqua Gym Aqua Gym Aqua Gym Aqua Gym  
10:45           (Rezept LWS/Hüfte/Knie)
11:00 (Rezept HWS/BWS) (Rezept HWS/BWS)   (TV06) (TV06)  
11:15 AC   (Mama Workout) AC   (Rezept HWS/BWS)
11:30 (Rezept LWS/Hüfte/Knie) (Rheuma Liga) (TV06)      
11:45       (TV06) (TV06) Aqua Vario
12:00   (Rezept LWS/Hüfte/Knie)        
14:30     Aqua Gym     Aqua Gym
15:00 Aqua Vario Aqua Vario Aqua Vario Aqua Vario Aqua Vario Aqua Vario
16:00 (Rheuma Liga) (Rheuma Liga)        
16:30 (Rheuma Liga) (Rheuma Liga)        
17:00         (TV06) 16:45  
17:30 (Rheuma Liga) (Rheuma Liga)   (BSG) 17:45 (TV06) (AC)  
18:00 (Rheuma Liga) (Rheuma Liga)     (TV06) 18:15  
18:30   (Mama Workout) Aqua Vario (TV06) 18:15 (TV06)  
19:00 (Rheuma Liga) (Rheuma Liga) Aqua Fit Aqua Vario   Aqua Vario
19:30 Aqua Fit Aqua Fit / Aqua Fit Aqua Fit Aqua Fit
20:00   (AC) AC AC    

*We reserve the right to make changes on short notice
*Water aerobics (only in courses taught by the instructor) – no aerobics on your own
*Sundays, no water aerobics


Aqua Aerobics:

In this type of water aerobics, the body is trained with the support of various devices such as, for example, dumbbells, cables and wet shapers. This whole-body training with the possibility of also defining body regions in a targeted manner is a mix of strength and endurance training.

Aqua Circuit:

This water aerobics is a typical circuit training course with 4 stations and 4 different devices and exercises. When the instructor says so, the stations are alternated. After 2 complete circuits, there is a brief break for rest.

Aqua Relax:

A very gentle water aerobics course with slow exercise sequences, relaxation, breathing exercises and balancing exercises.

Aqua Cross:

This water aerobics course is device-supported and improves posture and flexibility, strength and endurance as well as fat-burning, coordination and conditioning.